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Nature has polarities

Everywhere, in nature, we see polarities: hot and cold, light and dark, north and south etc.


Since we are a part of nature, it makes sense that we would exhibit polarities, also. Therefore, our hearts can be open or closed.


Much like the weather, feeling”OK” about our lives depends on knowing the situation. …

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What if my heart is closed?

Sometimes when your heart is closed, you may wish to open it.

Below are some ideas about how to open your heart:

1. Talk with a friend who loves you and whose heart is open.

2. Look at pictures of people you love.

3. Listen to music that makes you cry.

4. Hold a baby in your arms.

5. Read from Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

6. Help a less fortunat…

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It Takes Courage

When we open our hearts, we make ourselves vulnerable to whatever the world brings.

This takes courage as we then are touched deeply by people and events around us.

Closing our hearts appears to make us safe from slings and arrows that may come our way.

But ultimately, having a closed heart leaves us alone, even when surrounded by those w…

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