Nature has polarities

Everywhere, in nature, we see polarities: hot and cold, light and dark, north and south etc.


Since we are a part of nature, it makes sense that we would exhibit polarities, also. Therefore, our hearts can be open or closed.


Much like the weather, feeling”OK” about our lives depends on knowing the situation. For example, if it is cold outside, but I look through the window and see brilliant sunlight, and mistakenly assume it is warm out, I will dress inappropriately and possibly get hypothermia, or at least be uncomfortably cold.


Similarly, if I assume that my heart is open, but actually, it is closed, my interactions with others may not go well, possibly damaging relationships.


On the other hand, if I don’t know that my heart is wide open, I may end up in a conversation where I am vulnerable and the other person is cold. Not a good experience.


Knowing how open or closed my heart is, at any moment in time, is a skill. And, like any other skill, we get better with practice. As long as we also get feedback.


The openheart app is one way to give ourselves feedback.


Of course, we need to be brutally honest with ourselves, as we complete the survey. Not always easy to do.