The OpenHeart App

We’re excited to announce the launch of The OpenHeart App for iPhone.

“Heart” is a metaphor that has been used for thousands of years to symbolize the “centre of emotion, including affection and love”.

Our hearts open and close all the time. While we are often aware of whether another person’s heart is open or closed, it is difficult to know about our own heart.

Knowing how open, or closed, our hearts are, can be useful for understanding our own moods, thinking critically, and relating to others.

For instance, if my heart is closed, I might make more negative judgments about myself, others, ideas and concepts. Knowing that my heart is closed at this moment might lead me to keep my opinions to myself or at least preface my remarks by stating that my heart is closed or that I am in a negative mood.

On the other hand, if my heart is open, I might be more generous in my assessments of self, others and ideas. Knowing this, I might preface my remarks by indicating that my heart is open and that this might influence my thoughts to be more positive than is warranted.

We hope that you find this “mirror” into your heart to be useful. And we would love to hear your stories and any ideas about how to use our App or how to improve it.